Nova Scotia aerial pole photography – Real Estate’s choice!

Nova Scotia Aerial Pole Photography  with a twist. Shots from our pole photography unit. Usable when you have trees or wires in the way. Creates
a unique viewpoint of the house!  Along with our standard 25-30 real estate shots –
High Shots can make the Marketing of your property easier and can make your listing  stand out! Which is what you want – especially in this market!

Nova Scotia Aerial Pole Photography

Nova Scotia Aerial pole photography

With our custom radio controlled camera.  We can see
what the camera sees. We don’t have to go up too high as
3/4 Roof Height is optimal – unless we have a situation as in
this case where there is water in the background, or something
appealing about the back yard.

Here is a video – showing our equipment and some of it’s capabilities.

We are designed chiefly as a real estate tool but we will be actively involved with
the landscape industry to help showcase their work from a higher perspective.

Nova Scotia Aerial pole photography   Consists of a simple screw mount on a telescoping pole. now a 2nd generation prototype. A radio controlled shutter control allows me to take pictures on the fly.  There is nothing that even compares to the High Shots rig. Ideal for Panoramas!

Nova Scotia Aerial Photography

Our camera is a Canon 40D. With 10-22 mm lens. (considered to be one of the best quality wide angle lens in the business)

The camera used in the High Shot is also the 40D.

Pricing  —  Nova Scotia Aerial pole photography

Landscapers – work showcase.
–  15 professional landscape close-ups
–   2  settings / angles – High Shots of grounds.  4 shots.                                                                                         Special   –  $95+ HST

Real Estate agents package.
– 25-30  Interior / Exterior  MLS shots.                                          $70.00 +HST

– High Resolution stills


Phone – 902-293-1113            Email –

Some of our work – Flickr 

Nova Scotia aerial pole photography



Insurance in Amherst, Nova Scotia – A D MacEachern

Insurance in Amherst ,Nova Scotia  A D MacEachern                             902-694-3507

Insurance in Amherst, Nova Scotia is one of the primary concerns of Allan and his staff  at A D MacEachern Insurance. They have been helping people in Northern Nova Scotia save money on insurance in Amherst, Nova Scotia for over 20yrs.  If you are looking to insure that new car , your house or your recreation vehicle we have many different products to meet all of your insurance needs.  Let Allan provide you with a quote. We are reasonable and represent a number of insurance companies. Give us a try!

The original Town of Amherst is rich in History! It was established in 1764, two miles west of its present location following the Expulsion of the Acadians.  One of these settlements grew to become The Town of Amherst. A grist mill and tannery were built over a mile to the east of the settlement. The community gradually moved closer to them so that by 1850 Amherst was located where it is found today. A D MacEachern insurance is found on east
Victoria St., where the First Baptist Church stands. It is a large, two-and-a-half storey red sandstone church built in 1895.

A D MacEachern  insurance is pleased to welcome Sharlene  Carter-Earle

– Broker ( Formally from Amherst Insurance )


Types of Insurance offered – Personal Home & Auto, Commercial Home and Auto , Recreation vehicles.
Allan has been involved in the community coaching minor basketball for 10 yrs.
He is also a proud supporter of the Local Amherst Ramblers.
Insurance in Amherst Nova Scotia

A D MacEachern Insurance currently has offices in Pugwash, Amherst, Tantallon and

Insurance in Amherst Nova Scotia

Photo Credit –JarvisEye
If you are looking for a competitive price on Auto, Home or Commercial insurance
give Allan  and Sharlene a call.   902-694-3507



    insurance in Amherst, Nova Scotia

Express Area Rug Cleaning Halifax

Express  Area Rug Cleaning Halifax                                   463-5044
 area rug cleaners Halifax

Keith Hicks – The owner  of Express area rug cleaning Halifax, has been in the business for 20 years. 49 Pettipas Dr. Unit N.,Dartmouth NS.

He has owned several national retail carpet and upholstery cleaning
franchises in Canada and the U.S.  Truro,NS., Saint John, NB.,
Niagara Falls, ON., Phoenix, AZ., Las Vegas, Nevada.

I started Express Area Rug Cleaning Halifax as a result of my many years in the
residential side of the carpet cleaning business.  Most residential carpet cleaners; and I was
one of them, do not give the attention necessary to the area rugs.                                                                  Contact us!

Their primary business is wall to wall carpeting and that is what drives their business.
I know in one case (we had a wall to wall carpet cleaning outfit) a lot of area rugs would
be brought back to my location and would remain rolled up and not cleaned until the
customer called looking for them.

This was a function of the truck mounted units that would be used to
clean the rugs. They would be on the road doing residential jobs and when they
returned late in the day the technicians would be too tired to clean the rugs
they had brought in. This often resulted in a rush job to have the rugs cleaned
after the customer called looking for them.

As a result I decided to focus exclusively on area rugs and guarantee area rug cleaners Halifax
that the rugs will be ready for pick-up or delivery in five (5) days if they
only require cleaning.  Repairs or urine decontamination will add a couple
more days before completion.

Express area rug cleaning Halifax water extracting process.    463-5044 

Our primary process is washing rugs.  Like clothing , deep down embedded soiling can only be completely
removed if the rug is washed. This allows us to clean both the top fibres and backing of the rug, and like
washing clothes allows the fibres of the rug the necessary time to release the accumulated soil.
This thorough cleaning can not be accomplished at a customers home which is why we clean at
our rug cleaning studio. The water is extracted from the rug after it is totally clean and either hung
or laid flat to dry in our climate controlled dry room.

Area Rug Cleaning Halifax does not do any residential wall to wall carpet.Express Area Rug Cleaning Halifax cleans only area rugs andthey are cleaned at our rug cleaning studio at 49 Pettipas Dr. Unit N.,Dartmouth NS.,

Express area rug cleaning Halifax caters to anyone who has an area rug to be cleaned,
but his idea of an ideal client  is a person who values the area rugs they have.  They have
either purchased an expensive rug or have sentimental value attached to that rug and wish
it to be cleaned properly.

Here are some of the specific services offered.
Area rugs,  Persian rugs,Oriental rugs,Persian Rug Cleaning, Oriental Rug Cleaning
Area Rug Cleaning Halifax                                                             Go to top