Getting Rid of Odours with ODOURGONE

Getting Rid of Odours with ODOUR GONE

Getting rid of odours  can be tough. If you love your pets but hate the odours left behind by them, you can find yourself in a precarious situation. You can not give up your pet and you have to put up with their odours at home as well as your workplace. In fact, if you take your pet along with your family on annual vacation to live in a trailer,pet odour can make your life miserable.

Make Getting rid of odours  as easy as calling Odour Gone !

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Do you have a skunky smell?

You may become used to the odours created by your pet but this lingering smell can be a source of embarrassment for you when a guest draws your attention to it. You have tried everything from room fresheners to deodorizers in a  bid to get rid of these pet odours. But even you know in your heart of hearts that once these pet odours get trapped inside a room in places that are inaccessible to traditional deodorizing methods, you cannot hope to remove them. You can suppress the pet odour for a while, as when you spray a room freshener, but it returns in full force when you come back to your home or workplace after a while. Getting rid of odours.


In addition to being forced to live with pet odour, you also run the risk of making the air quality inside your home and workplace poor by spraying too much of room freshener or deodorizer. You may unknowingly create health hazards for your family members, friends, and workers by spraying too much of these chemicals. What then is the solution to this seemingly very irritating problem? Well, all you have to do is to call in the professionals. These professionals have the knowledge, the experience, and the wherewithal to deal with the problems of pet odour as well skunk odour.

Do you have a trailer with a smell you just can’t get rid of?

If you have not heard it before, Odour Gone is the up and coming company dealing with the problem of pet odours and other odours in Nova Scotia. The company knows how to remove pet odours from homes, offices, commercial building, trailers, RV’s, and boats. The company realizes how irritating and nasty for health the problem of odours can be. There is no reason why you should continue to bear with this problem and pose a risk to the health of your family members and friends. This is not to speak of the discomfort that odours can cause to you and others in home and workplace. Rather than trying different homemade methods and the odour removing agents sold in the market, it is a good idea to hand over the responsibility of removing odours to Odour Gone.

Getting rid of odours    The team that is behind the magic called Odour Gone  – We are

You may not have heard about Anthony MacNeil and Keith Hicks, the founders of Odour Gone. But these two gentlemen have achieved what was considered impossible by experts until now. Keith and Anthony have been in this business of odour removal for the last 20 years. They realized quite early that spraying fresheners and deodorizers only masked the odours. They worked on a long lasting solution to the problem of odour and constituted a team of dedicated individuals to help their clients.


Though the active ingredient used by this team of experts at Odour Gone has been around for a while, the procedure is new and it is a fact that it removes odours completely and goes beyond traditional methods that only mask the odours for a brief time period. Odour Gone makes sure that it is the bacteria responsible behind the odour that are killed and removed from a place. This solves the problem of odours in a place whether it is a home, office, automobile, or a boat. It is because of 100% success rate that Odour Gone is regarded so highly by people in Nova Scotia

Call us today to get these benefits

We are available 7 days of the week for our customers. Our team of experts reaches the place of the client in quick time and does what it is expected to do by the customer. We are simply the best and most efficient pet odour removal experts in whole of Nova Scotia.

100% safe products

We make use of products and methods that are absolutely safe for humans and pets. We also make sure there is no harm to the environment during the process of pet odour removal.

Long lasting effect

We provide long lasting odour removal. We are unlike other services that are only able to mask the odours.

No odours afterwards

We leave behind fresh smelling homes and offices after our odour removal method has been used. You will find that your home, office, and automobile have been thoroughly cleaned and smelling good after the job.


Despite being so effective, our services are very cost effective. CAA embers receive a bumper 20% discount on our regular prices.

Got a lingering odour in your car?  All it takes is one call to!


With so many benefits accruing to you,, there is no need to continue to inhale pet odours any longer. Give us a call today to get those obnoxious pet odours removed one and for all from your home, office, and automobile.

Getting rid of Odours

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