Nova Scotia drone photography – Real Estate’s choice!

Nova Scotia Drone Photography    . Shots from our drone
can be extremely helpful for real estate agents looking for
that money shot for their listings.

a unique viewpoint of the house!  Along with our standard 30-40 real estate shots –
High Shots can make the Marketing of your property easier and can make your listing  stand out! Which is what you want – especially in this market!

Nova Scotia Aerial pole photography

With our custom radio controlled camera.  We can see
what the camera sees. We don’t have to go up too high as
3/4 Roof Height is optimal – unless we have a situation as in
this case where there is water in the background, or something
appealing about the back yard.

Here is a video – showing our equipment and some of it’s capabilities.

We are designed chiefly as a real estate tool but we will be actively involved with
the landscape industry to help showcase their work from a higher perspective.

Nova Scotia Aerial pole photography   Consists of a simple screw mount on a telescoping pole. now a 2nd generation prototype. A radio controlled shutter control allows me to take pictures on the fly.  There is nothing that even compares to the High Shots rig. Ideal for Panoramas!


Our camera is a Canon 40D. With 10-22 mm lens. (considered to be one of the best quality wide angle lens in the business)

Shot taken for Tradewinds Realty.

The camera used in the High Shot is also the 40D.

Pricing  —  Nova Scotia Aerial pole photography

Landscapers – work showcase.
–  15 professional landscape close-ups
–   2  settings / angles – High Shots of grounds.  4 shots.                                                                                         Special   –  $100

Real Estate agents package.
– 25-30  Interior / Exterior  MLS shots.                                          $80.00

– High Resolution stills

We work with 12 different brokers and 30 Agents in Nova Scotia. We welcome any new agents with Photography needs. 

Phone – 902-293-1113            Email –

Some of our work – Flickr 

Nova Scotia aerial pole photography



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