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 area rug cleaners Halifax

Keith Hicks – The owner  of Express area rug cleaning Halifax, has been in the business for 20 years. 49 Pettipas Dr. Unit N.,Dartmouth NS.

He has owned several national retail carpet and upholstery cleaning
franchises in Canada and the U.S.  Truro,NS., Saint John, NB.,
Niagara Falls, ON., Phoenix, AZ., Las Vegas, Nevada.

I started Express Area Rug Cleaning Halifax as a result of my many years in the
residential side of the carpet cleaning business.  Most residential carpet cleaners; and I was
one of them, do not give the attention necessary to the area rugs.                                                                  Contact us!

Their primary business is wall to wall carpeting and that is what drives their business.
I know in one case (we had a wall to wall carpet cleaning outfit) a lot of area rugs would
be brought back to my location and would remain rolled up and not cleaned until the
customer called looking for them.

This was a function of the truck mounted units that would be used to
clean the rugs. They would be on the road doing residential jobs and when they
returned late in the day the technicians would be too tired to clean the rugs
they had brought in. This often resulted in a rush job to have the rugs cleaned
after the customer called looking for them.

As a result I decided to focus exclusively on area rugs and guarantee area rug cleaners Halifax
that the rugs will be ready for pick-up or delivery in five (5) days if they
only require cleaning.  Repairs or urine decontamination will add a couple
more days before completion.

Express area rug cleaning Halifax water extracting process.    463-5044 

Our primary process is washing rugs.  Like clothing , deep down embedded soiling can only be completely
removed if the rug is washed. This allows us to clean both the top fibres and backing of the rug, and like
washing clothes allows the fibres of the rug the necessary time to release the accumulated soil.
This thorough cleaning can not be accomplished at a customers home which is why we clean at
our rug cleaning studio. The water is extracted from the rug after it is totally clean and either hung
or laid flat to dry in our climate controlled dry room.

Area Rug Cleaning Halifax does not do any residential wall to wall carpet.Express Area Rug Cleaning Halifax cleans only area rugs andthey are cleaned at our rug cleaning studio at 49 Pettipas Dr. Unit N.,Dartmouth NS.,

Express area rug cleaning Halifax caters to anyone who has an area rug to be cleaned,
but his idea of an ideal client  is a person who values the area rugs they have.  They have
either purchased an expensive rug or have sentimental value attached to that rug and wish
it to be cleaned properly.

Here are some of the specific services offered.
Area rugs,  Persian rugs,Oriental rugs,Persian Rug Cleaning, Oriental Rug Cleaning
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